Correctly informing our site users is important to us, so we will explain in detail, in the following lines, what type of data we collect from you, how we use them, why we use them and what are your rights in this context.

It’s important to state what we are referring to when we use the phrase “your personal data” – any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Here we include: name, any identification number, any information regarding location and any other online identifier such as the device used to access internet, IP address or information obtained through cookies.

Related to the AGREEMENT, in the context of the collection and use of your data, we have taken all the technical measures so that you can give us this agreement in full knowledge of our terms, from the first to the last interaction with this site.

Your data protection

Our purpose, in terms of social media, is an educational one, and the new rules for personal data protection (GDPR) are part of this context. Therefore, we promise you that the security of your data is a priority for us and that we use this data for the sole purpose of providing you with a personalized experience both on our site and on the online platforms on which we promote our products and services ( Facebook and Google).

How we use your data

We use your data only if we have your agreement, in several ways, depending on their nature. In the table below we have detailed all the types of data we collect and how we subsequently use them:

  • E-mail addressIf you have provided us with your email address, we will use it to send you information emails regarding our products and services, as well as the articles and resources we publish periodically on this site;
  • Name and SurnameIf you provided us with your first and last name, we will use this data to personalize the emails you receive from us. The platform we use for email marketing (Mailchimp) allows us to do so based on the data provided by our subscribers;
  • Telephone numberIf you provided us with your Phone Number, we use this information to contact you promptly.
  • Billing informationIf you provided us with your billing information (CUI, Company Headquarters Address, Bank Account, Bank Name, Legal Representative Name, Legal Representative Function), we use this data to draw up your invoice.
  • Browser/IP/device dataIf you have agreed to the collection of details about your Browser, IP or Device, we use this data to determine how you use our site, with the purpose of making the necessary changes in order to simplify access to the information you are looking for;
  • ConclusionWe have taken all the technical measures so that you will not be obliged to provide us with any data (everything is optional), but it is well known that without them it is possible that certain parts of the site may not work properly and we cannot collaborate regarding this issue.

Sharing of personal data respects the laws in force regarding data confidentiality and undertakes not to transfer any site user’s personal data to third parties, and to use them only for the purpose of establishing contact with its clients, as well as for the purpose of informing them about aspects related to the website’s functionality. does not encourage SPAM, does not provide your e-mail address to third parties (natural or legal persons), does not sell, does not exchange e-mail addresses obtained through this site, does not disclose your e-mail address to other people who access the pages of this site, without your explicit consent.

Cookies policy

We are using cookies on this website. For more information on cookies, please visit the dedicated page, where you will find them grouped by category.

How you can contact us

If we can give you any information about our products and services, or how we collect and use your personal data, please send us an email through our contact page.

The new regulations regarding the protection of your data have been published on the official site since April 16, 2016. Therefore, our recommendation is to take the necessary measures when you have reason to believe that the regulations are violated, on any site that you have access.